A long way to go

Well I know we have a long way to go before we have a functioning site here and only posting once a year is certainly not helping.

I am working with a new service provider for both my hosted web content and for my cloud offerings so I hope to have some real progress on the the site before the end of the year.


For my clients that are still on the old cloud and e-mail platforms:

We are still going to be selling and supporting the old platforms, you will still be able to expand your mailboxes, add mail accounts, add to your domains and web pages, etc. We will also offer free porting to the new services, I know I have been asked by a few clients about porting to the new offerings.

As always we are going to make sure all of our offerings give you the client full control over your data, domains, and services.

We will make sure the information highway is clear you decide how you want to drive on it.

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Internet Hoax

I recently received an e-mail from a good friend asking if a story about some one calling 112 was true and if people should do that after dark. The answer… not in the United States or Canada calling 911 for a police emergency in the US or Canada is still the best thing to do.

If you are traveling in the US, Canada or internationally the US Department of State publishes this emergency number listingĀ https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/students-abroad/pdfs/911_ABROAD.pdf

Why are their so many hoaxes out there on the internet?

Well there are a couple reasons 1) I suspect the biggest reason is traffic, the more traffic you bring to you site the more advertising revenue or what ever the site owner is looking fro from the site. 2) ignorance is another reason, people think something sounds good so they post it, or people repost something they saw, but they just don’t bother to check the facts. This is of course rampant in social media how many fake articles do we see on facebook, twitter, etc. every day. 3) Other nefarious reasons, sometimes the hoax is part of a scam.

We all have to watch out for ourselves on-line, likely the best corse of action is to assume any information we find on-line is fiction until we verify it. Remember anyone can publish anything they want on-line and no-one can tell your really a cat.


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Patients Please

It looks like all the old content was lost (intentionally taken down then accidentally lost by the hosting provider)

We are coming back online with a whole new look and all new content.

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